Dukan diet allowed food according to the stages

Slender body guarantees not only aesthetic appearance, but also the health of the owner appealing look. To reduce Dukan diet allowed food in levels easy weight, but also help to the coveted number to the desired Position. In the basic techniques – use of Protein foods. After the passage of the stages, a diet turns into the daily menu, which ensures an attractive appearance to old age.

Dukan Diet

Characteristics of the diet

Important nutritional consultant, living in France, Pierre Ducane within a period of four decades developed the methodology of the weight loss, every person accessible. The essence of Dukan diet allowed food food invited to the stages. You achieve lasting results easily by involvement of the courts in the daily diet with a high content of Protein and restriction of carbohydrate-and fat-containing foods.

Accounting for daily menus, taking into account the foods allowed to the doctor, it is impossible to lose weight in a short period of time. Level of weight loss ensures lasting results for years to come. Dukan diet contains a large list of permitted products, not to stay during all four phases of the hungry and to lose weight.

The first two stages of intense weight loss, the third and the fourth attachment of the result. The perfect ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates forces the body to a new, get rid of unnecessary cargo. Compliance with all recommendations of the famous Frenchman is a key factor for excellent results.

Recommended Products

The four stages of the diet Ducane include foods allowed on stages. In each Phase, enough to eat the recommended foods for this period of time. List of the great, Duke extensively studied action on any mechanism to remove it. Products can be combined with each other, but the recommendations for a specific stage of the four.

Thanks to the wide selection of permitted foods, losing weight is pain-free. Not a feeling of constant hunger reduces the risk of failure, forcing a new look at the selection of products.

Phase number 1: the attack

The greatest decrease of the weight occurs in the first Phase of the diet. Products from the list, compiled for a certain period of time, contain large amounts of Protein. The rejection of carbohydrate and fatty foods contributes to a rapid weight loss. Metabolic processes begin to work faster, so the largest number of pounds they may lose for a short period of the first Phase.

Recommended Products

The maximum number of days for recommended Protein menu not more than ten days. From 2 to 5 kg can lose if repeated Protein-day 3 to 5 times. How much you need to in the first Phase, each person can individually define. The number of days Pro-rata to the number of kilograms, of which you need to get rid of. A maximum of ten days is not recommended, long-term eating protein-rich food leads to a kidney disease.

Dukan diet: attack — list of approved products in the table:

Title Allowed Banned
Meat Veal, Turkey, Rabbit, Chicken. Offal is possible, but rare. Lean ham, of the above-mentioned meat. Gussjatin, Duck.
Eggs Protein Egg yolks
Fish Fish, all varieties, all kinds of seafood in otvarnom, stewed, baked Form without oil. Canned, smoked, savory
Milk products Yogurt, Kefir, Milk 0.5% Fat, 5% Cottage Cheese Milk, Kefir, fermented baked milk of 2.5%, Ricotta cheese 9%
Drinks Weak coffee or tea drink Carbonated water, strong sweet tea and coffee
Oil 1 teaspoon of olive oil per day for the improvement of intestinal peristalsis Sunflower Oil, Butter
Spices Cloves, Wasabi, Mustard, Ginger, Curry, Cinnamon, Coriander

Oat bran included in the daily diet, that fill materials, the lack of fiber and improves digestion. The recommended amount of 30 grams per day.

Stage №2: Striping

In the second Phase of the Dukan diet vegetable dishes to be introduced in approved products. The most difficult time, but to stop just at the stage of "cruise" a great desire diet. Motivation can be used for the sequel, relieved of the weight in the first few days and the desire to be closer to the desired image.

Diet by Pierre Dukan (approved products) already contains an extensive list for the first stage of the carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. A prerequisite is that the consumption of 1.5 liters of purified water a day and oatmeal in an amount of 3 tablespoons per day, without a break.

In the composition of the diet Ducane-change on stage — approved products in the table:

Vegetables for a diet
Allowed Banned
Peppers Potatoes
Dill, Spinach Corn
Radishes, Kohlrabi Macaroni
Celery, Asparagus

Cucumbers, Tomatoes

Peas, Beans
Zucchini, Eggplant Grain Products
Cabbage Olive
Pumpkin The common rosefinch
Leeks, parsley, Dill, green salad Avocado

The second Phase can last from 2 weeks to several months, depending on the desired result. The main weight is put back for the first half of the Dukan diet, if in the list of approved products, only Protein-food origin and vegetables.

Sample menu one day:

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt seasoned; pancakes made from rolled oats; unsweetened green tea
  • Lunch: vegetables cream-soup made of cauliflower, tomatoes, zucchini, without salt, boiled fish, pumpkin juice
  • Snack: vegetable casserole with egg
  • Dinner: pie with spinach, and 0.5% Kefir

Recipe for pancakes from the oatmeal:

  • 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, pour a little warm water
  • Separately beat egg whites and a little salt
  • Gentle on the protein mass of the flakes
  • On the preheated oven, pour a little olive oil
  • Spread the batter in a pan and fry the patties 3 minutes on each side

Phase No. 3: Attachment

Added In the second half of the diet by Pierre Dukan approved products a little bread fruit,. The largest amount of weight relieved, the task of the subsequent period is the deduction of the mass of the body on the level achieved.

The power remains a small fraction with sufficient water. Oatmeal may be chewed or added to food. The first 6 days of the week, a menu selected, taking into account all the approved products in this stage, and a day that the doctor recommends, Thursday, leave Protein the day. Added to the previously approved products, additional table.

Dukan diet: the table of approved products on the stage of the fixation:

Title Approved products, tips intended for human consumption Banned
Bread Rye, whole-grain, not more than 50 G per day White Bread, Muffin
Fruit All, except the forbidden, not more than 250 grams per day Raisins, banana, cherry, dried fruits
Cheese Solid fat content is less than 25%, 35 G per day Fatty
Grits 210 G Of Buckwheat, Rice 100 G Semolina
Potatoes Not more than 150 G / day, prior to this, we recommend to macerate for the removal of starch

Stage №4: Stabilization

The fourth Phase of the Dukan diet provides a complete list of approved products with the preceding three stages. In this period, there is no need to arrange a Protein day. Food for all days of the week, make vegetables, fruit, rye bread, protein-rich food. Nothing, only the amount up to small portions of ban from this list.

The fourth Phase has the purpose to reduce the weight to save the main task of the weight on the same level. The number of days of stabilization is not limited, therefore you stick to these menus, can the whole of life, sometimes the festive menus allow.


For a speedy achievement of the result of weight reduction during a diet by Pierre Dukan, a special attention should be paid to the movement activity. Implementation of simple exercise, daily walking and Cycling have a positive effect on the health and the appearance of slimming Person.

Smart shape for Hiking in the sports hall. Can commit 3 times per week. Take advantage of every opportunity to Transport. Lose weight fast Tempo is going to happen, if the meat mass work, and the calories will be burned faster, urea, Lipid-deposits.

Further Recommendations

Before you start a diet Ducane, and you can in the daily diet, only allowed for products according to the stages, a doctor should be consulted if the presence of the pathologies of chronic character.

What can prevent contraindications that weight loss according to the methodology of the French nutritionist:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Vascular diseases
  • Pathology of the urinary tract, kidney failure
  • Functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • In the diet, the physical activity should
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland
  • Oncological Neoplasms
  • Allergic Reactions
  • The period vynashivanija and infant nutrition
  • Age to 18 years

If the Dukan diet has been successfully applied in practice, in the future, the challenge is to save weight, which was achieved as a result of a long work on yourself. In order to remain attractive, the simple principles:

  • They often eat small portions, sticking to French tips dietitian
  • Clean not boiled water, drink at least two Liter bottles per day
  • Useful 1 time per week power limit for the discharge of the body: it can be, proteins, dairy products, buckwheat
  • To move itself, do not use the vehicles, active Hobby
  • You Eat 3 Tablespoons Of Bran
  • Sports, to smile more often