Protein diet: how to lose weight and improve your health

Protein plays a major role in the processes of our body. The daily rate of Protein is about 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. However, some studies show that the consumption of protein in excess of the Norm damage, but also help you lose weight and feel better. That is why Protein diet for weight loss for each day enjoys great popularity.

Protein Diet

What is the Protein diet?

Protein is one of the most important micro-nutrients.

Even the most simple Protein diet has a positive effect and performs the following important functions:

  • Regeneration, and support. Protein is the most important building material of our fabrics. It is renewed with the Protein of the tissue is constantly regenerated.
  • Acceleration of chemical processes. Most of the enzymes, the chemical reactions in the body, it is the ordinary protein molecules.
  • The production of hormones. Proteins stimulate the production of hormones. So, with a noticeable lack of growth hormone doctors necessarily Protein diet recommend.
  • Delivery of important materials. Some proteins provide the cells of our body necessary substances. In particular, the oxygen in our cells by the Protein hemoglobin.

Protein is known from a small parts, such as amino acids. Out of 22 amino acids Protein 9 is considered extremely important and a must in your diet.

Not all products contain the necessary amino acids for our body. Animal proteins are considered to be the full-fledged, because they provide the necessary amino acids. Protein diet and whose products are eggs, meat, fish, poultry and milk, as the most a balanced.

Proteins Can, unfortunately, contain a smaller number of amino acids, therefore, it is important to combine them with other vegetable proteins. A large amount of protein include legumes and cereals. Do not forget about the seeds, nuts and soy.

A simple menu Protein diet for each day should be a lot of protein eaten. Although the quality of the protein not plays the last role. Many scientists agree that the installed standard protein can style dispenser is too small for the maintaining a healthy life.

Conclusion: amino acids not produced in Protein by our body. Activation of Protein in your diet is a must.

Protein diet for weight loss

Recent studies show that the Protein homeopath contains a positive effect on the metabolism, to reduce the weight and reduce appetite.

The feeling of Hunger

Protein expresses perfectly the Hunger for many hours, helps in the formation of hormones, and PYY, GLP-1, the provider is responsible for the feeling of satiety. In addition, it lowers the level of the hormone Ghrelin, the hormone is considered to be hungry.

Studies under 12 absolutely healthy women, showed that in the group, the more pronounced on Protein diet, the health was much better and the feeling of hunger less. In addition, these women have produced a lot of active hormone GLP-1, in contrast to other groups, which is not in accordance with the standards of protein intake.

In another interesting study, a group of 19 people without any diseases, offered two variants of the Protein diet menu for 7 days, in a diet the amount of Protein was 30%, other 10%. In the result, it turned out that the group was able to reduce with a protein intake of about 30% of your calories to 440 calories, without any effort.

The level of the metabolism

Not less important is the fact that the consumption of Protein is accelerated beyond the Norm and the level of metabolic processes. During the processing of protein increases the metabolic rate to 20-35%. For comparison, the metabolic processes during the processing of carbohydrates is about 10-15%.

The consumption of Protein also increases the number of calories burned. After the intake of Protein calories even for a few hours.

The group of young women (about 10 people without the disease), it was proposed that a simple menu Protein diet for every day. Only a day of such a diet has shown that the level of metabolism is doubled in this group.

Loss of weight and physique

Due to the fact that proteins able to suppress Hunger and accelerate the metabolism, Protein diet helps excess weight to get rid of.

Within 6 months of a study, the triggered group of 65 women, the obese and overweight. The group, which took a large number of proteins, lost to 43% more overweight. It is also noteworthy that the decrease in weight on such a diet of more than 10 kilograms.

And protect although the reduction of calorie intake leads to a slowdown in the level of metabolism and loss of muscle mass, Protein diet helps speed up metabolism and muscle mass. About 1000 people were involved in the studies, in a study of different diets. As it turned out, a diet with a high protein content has a much greater effect, prevents the loss of muscle mass and accelerates the metabolism.

Genetic study showed that for 67% of the population prefers Protein diet for weight loss.

Conclusion: the proteins that suppress the feeling of Hunger, accelerate the metabolism and prevent the loss of muscle mass.

Advantages of the use of the Protein diet

Apart from the fact that Protein helps to reduce excess weight, and it also has a positive effect on the body:

  • An increase in muscle mass. The combination of a high-Protein diet with network load to help build muscle.
  • Reduction in the loss of muscle mass associated with age. Most of the people with the years of muscle mass lose. The consumption of Protein Shakes can help prevent the loss of muscle mass in healthy men of advanced age, but also to lose those inclined to muscle mass in connection with any of these diseases.
  • Strengthening of the bone to use. Protein diet helps prevent osteoporosis, which is common in women. Studies have shown that a diet consisting of protein of animal origin, helps the risk of this disease to 69%.
  • The ability to accelerate wound healing. The consumption of Protein contributes to the improvement of the healing process after operations or injuries, including bedsores.

Conclusion: this is a Protein helps build muscle and keep it, protects the bones against osteoporosis and promotes Regeneration of the skin.

Protein diet for every day

Protein diet for every day

There are different opinions about what should protein the standard.

It is assumed that the daily rate of Protein should be around 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. With a weight of 60 kg, Norma Protein is 48 grams per day.

Although the amount of the consumed protein is prevented, that the chard, diet many people believe that there is still too little for the maintenance of the vital functions of the body.

With increasing age, however, our body needs much more protein, and if you don't want to lose the muscle mass, you need to consume around 1.3 grams per kilogram of body weight.

In addition, the Protein diet, the eat provides 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, the best results: reduces weight and protects the muscle mass.

But the increase in the consumption of these figures do not give good results. A group of men, using 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, showed the same results in building muscle mass, as a group, using 2.4 grams. This decrease was quicker and easier right in the first group.

Protein diet weight loss to 1.2−1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, and 20-30% of the daily energy intake should be Protein. So protein intake for people with a weight of 60 kilograms, about 72-90 grams.

Important to distribute the consumption of Protein in the course of the day is right. Do not take the largest part of the daily requirement in one meal. The optimal variant — to take Protein with every meal, so your body will use it more efficiently.

Conclusion: the daily protein intake should be about 1.2−1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight. Exactly this amount of Protein will accelerate the loss of excess weight and muscle mass protects against age-related changes.

Easy Protein Diet

Follow this menu is actually very simple, because it can be easily adapted to the personal preferences and taste of the Person.

For example, if you want, keep the level of glucose, the ideal Low-Carb-diet with a high content of proteins. Or you need to eliminate dairy products, then go to the help Protein diet comes. A vegetarian menu can be rich in proteins, if such products, such as eggs, legumes, and herbs includes.

Where to start:

  • Take To Your Diet. You start to keep a diary. You can record data manually or use a special program in your phone or Computer. Such programs usually have a good base of products and you to easily monitor all phases of your diet.
  • You will learn your normal Protein. On the basis of your body weight, you know how much Protein you need daily.
  • Hold the balance of proteins. Add a simple menu Protein diet for every day products that contain a well-balanced amino acids.
  • Watch the lower bound of the Norm of proteins. Even if you do not keep to a diet, be careful in your diet allowable Minimum of proteins. On average, this number is around 30 grams.
  • Follow the biological value of food proteins. Pay attention to fresh meat, dairy products, eggs, the products are still of value. And here is processed meat-bacon, ham, sausage) were to be avoided (at best.
  • Combine proteins and herbs: do Not forget about Can, herbs and fruit.

Conclusion: Properly calculate protein to your standard.

Protein diet menu for 7 days

The following menu is to the consumption of about 100 grams of protein per day. On request you can changes in diet, according to its needs.

  1. Breakfast: scrambled eggs made of 3 eggs, cereal crisp bread with peanut butter, pear.

    Lunch: green salad with fresh cheese (1 Avocado, 100 grams of cheese, any herbs to taste), orange.

    Dinner: 170 grams of Steak, zucchini grilled, a little potatoes.

  2. Breakfast: Smoothie, prepared on the Basis of coconut milk with the addition of berries and a tablespoon of the dry protein.

    Lunch: baked or boiled salmon (115 grams), seasoned with any herbs and Butter, Apple.

    Dinner: chicken or chicken (115 grams) with Can and lenses.

  3. Breakfast: oatmeal, 100-150 grams of yogurt, a little nuts.

    Dinner: 115 grams of chicken with Avocado and red pepper, peach.

    Dinner: stew with uncleaned rice agrees.

  4. Breakfast: omelette made of 3 eggs, cheese, olives, tomatoes and peppers, orange.

    Lunch: braised veal with unpurified rice.

    Dinner: 115 grams of halibut with lentils and broccoli.

  5. Breakfast: cottage cheese (150-200 grams) with Apple, cinnamon and a handful of nuts.

    Dinner: 115 grams of salmon, baked with herbs and Can, Croutons.

    Dinner: Chicken Burger with pumpkin, berries.

  6. Breakfast: Frittata, 1 egg, 30 grams of cheese and a potato (in thin slices)

    Lunch: Chicken Burger with pumpkin, Apple.

    Dinner: shrimp with beans (not more than 1 Cup), onions, red peppers, guacamole Sauce,

  7. Breakfast: pancakes on the Protein with pumpkin, a handful of nuts

    Lunch: natural yogurt with fruit(pineapple) and grated almonds.

    Dinner: 170 Grams Of Salmon, Can Of Stew -.

A simple menu Protein diet for a week should be varied.

Easy Protein Diet Menu

Disadvantages of the Protein diet

According to Protein diet for every day, there is no danger to the vast number of people and not to severe disease. It is proved that the loss of the obesity in people with a diagnosis of Diabetes or an early stage of renal failure, was not without negative consequences for the kidney. However, people recommended already is diagnosed with severe kidney disease, have the consumption of protein.

  • Protein diet can disease to kidney stones. It is reinforced on protein of animal origin.
  • Even if it is about the disease of the liver, then a doctor's advice before starting the diet.

Conclusion: the Protein diet for every day requires the advice of a doctor, if you have any diseases.


Protein is a very important nutrient for our body.

Protein diet contributes to the reduction of appetite, increase in muscle mass, loss of excess weight, but also slows down the aging process.

For maximum results, evenly in the consumption of Protein between all meals, you must eat foods rich in all the amino acids, and balance the menu by selecting healthy carbohydrates and fats.