Diet for Gastritis during the exacerbation (high-and low-acid content) + menu

Pain in the abdomen in Gastritis

Gastritis – a disease that occurs in all age groups of the population. In the case of the disease, a variety of predisposing factors, in particular:

  • Metabolic disorders;
  • Errors in diet;
  • frequent Stress;
  • Intake of certain medications.

Women are often faced with the manifestations of Gastritis during pregnancy, when the stomach is pinched growing uterus, and the processes of digestion to be broken. Diet in acute Gastritis is one of the most important components of the treatment, particularly if a woman forbidden to a child, and many drugs expected to drink.

Importance of diet in Gastritis in the acute stage

Sometimes the disease is acute, and "back build" to the people once. But more often Gastritis chronic. To happen then episodes of exacerbations from time to time, in the moments when, for some reason, the inflammatory process is activated. There must be a re-treatment.

Of great importance is the diet for Gastritis during the exacerbation. Some drugs you will not help business: the mucous membrane in the conditions of active inflammation and non-observance of the dietary recommendations again damage. Treatment without diet ineffective. To minimize now, you must all the factors that irritate the mucous membranes.

Aggravation of the symptoms include:

  • Pain in the area of the stomach;
  • Feeling of heaviness in the epigastric region;
  • Heartburn;
  • belching;
  • regular nausea.

Of course, not all of them, then they will be displayed, in addition, for different types of Gastritis symptoms differently. Sometimes the only Symptom is pain when the ulcer is pain in the rule "Hunger", that is, the occur if you taken no food for Gastritis can be arbitrarily extended.

Chronic Gastritis in the acute Phase requires careful treatment. The patient is recommended a special diet, whose task it is, the normal function of the digestive tract, create conditions for the period until the disease is in Remission. Menu for Gastritis is not as diverse as for a completely healthy person, but it allows a nutritious diet. While the adoption of the aggravated symptoms of Gastritis in the diet contain more complex the composition of the products.

As with acute Gastritis

Everyone is faced, at least occasionally, with the manifestations of the disease, you need to know how to properly eat with acute Gastritis. The basic principle of the diet: – mechanical, thermal and chemical conservation.

Mechanical conservation is carried out by crushing to a creamy consistency (floor, dishes, cooking soft or Mixer crushed). Thermal – due to the consumption of food in the warm condition (cold or hot areas). Optimally, if the temperature of the food is close to the normal body temperature (36-37 °C). Chemical conservation – due to the absence of products, the smoked, the secretion of gastric juice parietal cells (salted, stimulate, spicy, fried), or can even be aggressive to the mucosa is allowed to act (e.g., pepper, horseradish skin, light-beige).

During an exacerbation of chronic Gastritis, and with each attack nutrition should be a fraction. Base table number 1, which has been specially developed for such cases. In the case of a diet number 1 is "sub-points", you should consider the different degrees of severity of the exacerbations. If there is a Gastritis in connection with other diseases of the digestive tract, such as colitis, chronic pancreatitis, cholecystitis, or is a flow-Gastritis in the Phase of the exacerbation, the Patient is on the table № 5.

The basis of the diet in diseases of the stomach the soups, especially the mucous membranes, jam, mashed and chopped foods. Heat-treatment is cooking, steam cooking. If the exacerbation subsided they can prepare their meals, bake without the formation of crusts.

Diet for Gastritis during the exacerbation

Diet for Gastritis in the acute stage, the body should be needed for the early restoration of vitamins and minerals. It is important that the Patient is always in a sufficient amount of Protein foods. This is necessary so that the gastric mucosa healed damaged faster, and other organs have not suffered from a chard of Protein.

The menu should be that the diet visited vitamins A, B, C, D, E. must eat slightly, to a maximum of relieve the gastro-intestinal tract.

What is the diet for acute Gastritis

In the case of acute Gastritis table number 1 prescribed for you. But we must bear in mind that the diet for Gastritis with low, high and normal acidity has some differences. It is important to take into account factors such as the presence or absence of comorbidities. Therefore, the diet during times of increased to the regulations set out in the table number 2, 3, 5A, 5B. To the extent Standard, such as the aggravation ceases, switch tables:

1-3 day Table number 1A
4 -7 day Table number 1B
8. Day and more Table No. 1

Food and dining during the exacerbation

Menu for Gastritis during the exacerbation must the requirements:

  • the meals should be easier;
  • Eat crushed necessarily;
  • Breaks between meals should not be hours more than 3.5-4.

Diet during exacerbations of the disease Can be steamed and boiled, cereals, soups. You start with the most innocuous dishes, then switching to the normal diet, but it is advisable to completely eliminate (even after recovery) hot spices, a large amount of salt, meat, alcohol. All of this irritates the stomach wall and Gastritis can aggravate.

What you can on the up

General principles of preparation – it is necessary, steamed or stew, do you grated or mucous membranes. Such foods are not the stomach wall is damaged, easily digested, nutrients are quickly digested.

The diet in acute Gastritis can approximately so:

Product What is useful
Slimy Soups Envelop the walls of the stomach;

well digested;

They provide the body with the necessary substances

Steamed Can With the right heat treatment, the required amount of vitamins, fiber type
Lean Meat Saturates Protein.

In the first time it is meatballs from minced meat, Turkey breast, rabbit, Turkey.

Then drive on to cooked meat part of the discs

Honey Adds the requirement of carbohydrates

All meals should be cooked hot-cooked without the use of spices. Allowed small amounts of sweets – candy, Marshmallows, jellies, jellies consumed. Kefir and fermented baked milk may not in the first 2-3 days after the beginning of the period of exacerbation. These days, you can boil milk slimy or liquid porridge on the milk. Then one day the fat, add low-yogurt, a couple of days – fermented baked.

Impaled on a fork vegetables

Forbidden foods in the diet for Gastritis in the acute stage

Diet for Gastritis in the acute stage includes a special menu. In the time of fresh fruit sharpened strictly prohibited and Can, as they can irritate the stomach.

Do not use carbonated drinks, strong tea. Coffee, Chocolate, Cocoa Prohibited. Caffeinated products constrict the blood vessels, thus cause the next spasm, of the creation or the strengthening of the pain.

Gastritis symptoms after the start of treatment with the time change for the better, but a diet is necessary for a long time, the mucous membrane of the stomach regenerates completely and restore their functions.

Diet in acute Gastritis with high acidity

The diet in acute Gastritis with high acid content should be about ulcers is the same as in the case of the exacerbation of the stomach. This type of Gastritis hyperacidity called. The essence of the disease consists in a redundant development of hydrochloric acid. In the mucosa, the inflammatory process begins, the formation of foci, similar to burns, observed the formation of small ulcers.

So in the menu of the patients ' food, which does not affect the mucous membranes, causing the stomach to produce more secretions should. In the diet of the patient should prevail:

  • Fish stew and steamed fish low-fat varieties;
  • Oatmeal in the water (well-cooked);
  • Kissel;
  • Omelettes on a couple of.

If you want that you can afford to activate in the diet, but only in the Form of puree. Perfectly Mashed Potatoes. It is hearty, nutritious, sick stomach, not irritate.

Diet in acute Gastritis with low acidity

Menu for Gastritis with low acid content during the exacerbation something different. Here goal – to make the stomach produce secretions. In the case of hypoacid Gastritis in patients with chard in Vitamin B (in particular, B₁₂), C, PP. His stomach was poorly protected against the Invasion of pathogens because of the small amount of gastric juice. In atrophic Gastritis, the acid content is almost down to zero.

A little bit of a stomach stimulate, should add in the diet of salted fish. To minimize the consequences of the delayed digestion of food, you need to remove from the diet:

  • fresh bread;
  • Legumes;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Pancakes;
  • fatty meat.

To prevent the task of the physician and the patient fermentation and help the stomach to work more efficiently. Food should also be warmed up chopped. Meals – all 3.5 hours.

Diet in acute Gastritis with comorbidity

Chronic Gastritis often occurs together with other diseases, such as chronic pancreatitis, diseases of the gall bladder. Diet during exacerbation of Gastritis must be designed, taking into account the requirements of the menu, in the treatment of accompanying diseases.

Pumpkin soup

Menu during exacerbation of Gastritis and ulcers of the stomach

So, the diet in acute Gastritis and stomach ulcers is a smaller meals in small portions. In the menu of such dishes as pumpkin soup or supperior reliability of broccoli – both in the Form of supperior reliability puree.

You can boil, the milk, the noodles. Rice porridge with milk, semolina, buckwheat-porridge is also allowed. In the case of acute Gastritis not, the porridges of the quick preparation to use. If the need to use for a quick and secure of snack baby food is better. Yes – is not intended, and, Yes – safer than Express porridge.

In the diet of the people, patients with chronic Gastritis, should be the fruit and Can – but in times of increased it allows only baked and steamed and in small quantities.

The diet should be such that the Patient experiences Hunger, otherwise start "hungry" pain, inflammatory process is delayed.

Diet in acute Gastritis and pancreatitis

Diet in acute Gastritis and pancreatitis a little different. In this case, the number of calories that immediately after the reduction of myocardial infarction, if the Patient is allowed to eat independently, is reduced to 1500 a day. Gradually, as the disease goes, the calorie content increases.

The Patient is allowed a light meal of well-cooked rice, soups low-fat broth, a little later – wiped cottage cheese.

Of liquids – weak tea, the best green, compote, Kissel.

Diet for Gastritis and cholecystitis in the acute stage

In the case of cholecystitis disrupted flow of bile, therefore, the treatment should be aimed at reducing these types of food, for the treatment of a lot of bile. Diet in acute Gastritis will be based on the principles of the table № 5. The gallbladder, the type of diet, as a type of "table 5A is inflamed – so it's best". Contrast to Desktop-5B, at the recommended pancreatitis, food can take a bit less, but not a complete shredding mashed.

Menu with an acute Gastritis with high acidity for a week

Write the menu every day, if you need to go on a diet in acute Gastritis with high acidity, you should keep in mind: food is different monotony, as much forbidden, so you should be proficient in several ways to cook the same dishes, but in different ways.

Menu for a week about the following.

Day of the week     Meal
  1 2 3 4 5
1 Weak tea with Croutons Omelet Pumpkin soup Baked Apple Clotted
2 A glass of warm milk Buckwheat Porridge Braised Chicken Kefir Oatmeal
3 Tea with slices of dry bread Cottage cheese Cream soup of any Baked Apple Fish Stew
4 Chicory with milk, the steam croutons Porridge Oats Omelet Cottage cheese Kissel with Croutons
5 Oatmeal, Tea Pear baked Steamed Meatballs Tea with Marshmallows, souffle Kefir
6 Each of the liquid porridge Mashed potatoes Cabbage rolls Tea, Jam Cottage cheese
7 Low-Fat Yogurt Porridge Semolina Milk-Pasta Steamed fish Steamed Can

Diet in acute Gastritis with low acidity: menu for the week

The right diet for exacerbation of chronic Gastritis with low acid content, also contains Can be mashed and slimy soups. But the menu for a week with acute Gastritis is more diverse than in the case of hyperacidity Gastritis.

Day of the week     Meal
  1 2 3 4 5
1 Boiled egg, tea Cottage cheese Chicken soup


Baked Pear Yogurt or fermented baked milk
2 Weak tea, a bit of dried bread with jam Rice porridge Braised Chicken Mashed potatoes,

salted fish

3 Tea with slices of dry bread Cottage cheese Cream soup of any Baked Apple Fish Stew
4 Chicory with milk, the steam croutons Porridge Oats Omelet Cottage cheese Kissel with Croutons
5 Oatmeal, Tea Pear baked Steamed Meatballs Tea with Marshmallows, souffle Kefir
6 Each of the liquid porridge Mashed potatoes Cabbage rolls Tea, Jam Cottage cheese
7 Low-Fat Yogurt Porridge Semolina Milk-Pasta Steamed fish Steamed Can

Gradually, the subsidence of the exacerbation, nutrition extended. But you should always bear in mind on the limitation of salt and spices. If the proposed diet is not sufficient, need additional meals (in small amounts, but more often).

Recipes for the diet in chronic Gastritis

Diet for patients during the acute Gastritis those foods that facilitates the digestion of the food to digest and fully are.

In the menu of the patients enable can to the milk-noodles.


The recipe is very simple: you have to dilute the boil in a saucepan some milk with water (so that water was less than half). Then pour small pasta, cooking on low heat for 10 minutes. Add salt a little bit. Let it brew.

Rice porridge

Recipe for rice porridge with raisins

Porridge with raisins, a dish that you can eat and for Breakfast and in the afternoon.

You should not pour cooking the rice with cold water and milk until it boil. Then you accused in the porridge, a few raisins and wait to you become a little soft required. Porridge they serve in the Form of heat.

Omelette Recipe

Took 2 eggs, beat them in a Cup, where you add a couple of tablespoons of milk and a little water. Stir well, until smooth. A pre-heated pan, pour in, close the lid.

Recipe Of Chicken Soup

You need to the second boiling broth with a chicken leg, be sure to remove the foam, add the finely chopped carrots and potatoes. Onions can not add, because it can irritate the stomach.

The importance of proper diet during acute Gastritis is difficult to overestimate. The diet should include a diet kitchen, stewed, without any spices, and salt, with a Minimum of sugar. Proper nutrition – the key to a quick recovery. You can even lose a little when it comes to the extra pounds.

If you are caught up with Gastritis, don't worry. Yes, it is uncomfortable, but to overcome the Phase of exacerbation is possible. You just have to have patience, the recommendations of the doctor and adherence to the diet. Then Gastritis for a long time to pull back.