How to lose 7 kg in a week: ways to achieve a difficult goal

is it possible to lose seven kilograms in a week

How to lose weight? Many people ask this question. And he most often visits a person just before a vacation trip or before a significant event (for example, before a wedding).

Hateful pounds have been piling up for months or even years and now the task is to say goodbye to them in no time. It's difficult, but possible.

So the goal is to lose 7 kg in 7 days. What is needed to achieve this?

What threatens severe weight loss

In the fight against obesity, nothing stimulates better than "minus points" on the scales. However, the rapid loss of pounds can cause significant and often irreparable damage to health.

What dangers can you face if you decide to bring your figure to perfection in just a week?

  1. Metabolic disorders. Many face a situation where adherence to strict diets and increased physical activity in no way affect body weight. This is explained by the fact that the body adapts to such a lifestyle by slowing down the metabolism.
  2. dystrophy of muscle mass. This is possible with a lack of adipose tissue and muscle wasting.
  3. stomach ulcers and gastritis. One of the factors that lead to rapid weight loss is strict dieting. Not enough food gets into the stomach. As a result, the gastric juice produced has a destructive effect on the walls not only of the stomach and duodenum.
  4. Disruption of hormone levels and, as a result, disorders of the menstrual cycle and problems with conception. This is due to the fact that the distribution of a number of hormones occurs with the participation of adipose tissue. The conversion of male hormones into female hormones is also carried out in the latter.
  5. Violation of the heart rhythm and increases in blood pressure. Obesity has a negative effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system. However, losing weight quickly isn't the best effect. For the full accumulation of extra kilograms, the blood vessels expand over time, and their restoration to their previous size is a fairly long process.
  6. dysfunction of the nervous system. A deficiency in vitamin B, as well as stress due to an elementary inadequate amount of food, manifest themselves in a sleepy mood and even in depression.
  7. avitaminosis. When diets are followed, the required amount of nutrients does not enter the body. This manifests itself in problems with skin, hair, nails, etc. There is also the threat of a deterioration in the body's immune defenses and common diseases.
  8. With severe weight loss, the skin does not have time to adjust, it looks stretched and slack. Often this can only be resolved with the help of a surgeon.

The listed dangers should make you ponder the expediency of drastic weight loss.

Tips for quick weight loss at home

If the desire to lose weight drastically was still "prevailing", it is necessary to handle this process appropriately.

It would be most correct to seek advice from a specialist (nutritionist). It is even better if this doctor monitors the results obtained.

Do not drastically reduce the amount of food consumed. Despite losing weight, all the nutrients that are necessary for healthy functioning must get into the body.

It must be remembered that losing weight quickly and noticeably is good, but it is more important to maintain the result. This is only possible if the right weight loss regime is chosen.

The faster the kilograms are dropped, the more likely it is that they will come back. Often, the reverse process leads to an aggravation of the situation, that is, to even more excess fat tissue.

Meals should be frequent (no more than four hours apart) and in small portions.

Correct weight loss is not only possible through a change in diet. The body needs constant physical activity. This not only contributes to the burning of adipose tissue, but also to the toning of the body.

You can speed up the process of losing weight by removing flour products, alcohol, mayonnaise, carbonated drinks, candy, and starchy treats.

A person loses weight in order to achieve two goals: improving their appearance, reducing the stress on the body. It is important that this does not happen at the expense of health. Since in this case none of the goals will be achieved.

The most popular diets for weight loss of 7 kg per week

There are innumerable diets for weight loss in an emergency. However, the most positive results show protein, low calorie, and mono diets.

Dietary rules for losing weight per week

Protein schemes are based on consuming protein-rich foods and avoiding fat and carbohydrates.

Foods approved for consumption are eggs, meat, fish. Building a diet based on it virtually eliminates hunger tests. No muscle mass is lost and weight loss occurs through the fight against fluids and fat.

This diet does not exclude vegetables. They can be processed both fresh and thermally. The main thing is that they do not contain starch. A small amount of apples is allowed from fruits in the morning.

Mono diets are based on a diet with one food for one or more days. When building it is necessary to be guided by taste preferences and common sense.

Examples of foods are grains, dairy products, vegetables, chicken, seafood, fruits, etc. Low calorie diets are the most popular. They consist in controlling the energy value of the diet.

The list of products is unlimited. The main thing is to respect the allowed daily caloric intake. The latter are determined individually.

This takes into account age, health status, level of physical activity, weight indicators (initial and desired). Most often, the rate is set to around 1000-1200 kcal.

To support your body in coping with the challenges of weight loss through dieting, you can take vitamin complexes in parallel. They partially compensate for the insufficient amount of nutrients entering the body.

The optimal duration of diets to minimize negative health effects is one week.

How to lose 7 kg in 7 days without diet and exercise

There are many options available in the world market to combat obesity without the need for diet or strenuous exercise. These are special clothing, chewing gum, belts, shoe insoles. Here is the answer to how to lose 7 kg in a week without dieting.

Now you can easily find t-shirts of various lengths, breeches, shorts, underwear and whole sports sets that are described as contributing to weight loss. The selection should be based on problem areas.

This can work on the hips, chest or back separately, leaving the rest of the body unchanged. If the problem is global, the tracksuit option will do.

how to lose seven kilograms in a week

The operating principle of such things lies in the elementary removal of excess fluid and toxins from the body. This is due to the "sauna" effect. The clothes are tight.

The body inside warms up and actively sweats. Thus, subcutaneous metabolic processes are accelerated several times.

The figure looks tight in such things. Weight loss goes hand in hand with a fight against cellulite.

At first glance, there are some pluses. But there are also disadvantages. Such clothing, which pulls on the problem areas, hinders lymph flow. A variety of diseases can be the result.

Also, unscrupulous manufacturers can violate quality standards, which can lead to rashes in such garments.

The most questionable way to lose weight is considered by many to be through the use of specialty chewing gum. Their manufacturers convince consumers that this product suppresses appetite and contains extracts of exotic plants that help burn fat. But there is no adequate explanation for this.

A healthy person understands that under the influence of the chewing motion, appetite only increases. At the same time, gastric juice is produced, which in the absence of food in the stomach eats off its membrane. In this case, the negative effects are obvious.

Insoles are the safest options for weight loss. It has long been proven that the feet are directly connected to all systems of the human body by invisible threads. The correct pattern on the insoles will help normalize and accelerate metabolic processes.

The effectiveness of this option is questionable, but the damage it causes is minimal.

The slimming belt helps to remove liquids and toxins like special clothing. It also improves blood circulation due to the massage effect. Taken together, this all leads to weight loss.

The thermal and sauna belt is a multi-layer rubber band that is supplemented with the necessary fastening elements. The various massage belts are complemented by suitable mechanisms.

It is dangerous to use this option during pregnancy and in the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular and reproductive systems.

The effectiveness of the options considered is not always high and sometimes not proven at all. It is practically impossible to get rid of excess fat tissue quickly with just these.

Weight Loss Training Program

Fighting excess weight with the right approach means exercising.

Here are some of the most effective exercises that will get you closer to your desired results every day:

  1. Starting position - stand with legs joined together. You should sit down and at the same time touch the floor with your hands, then jump out and raise your arms above your head. The exercise is carried out as soon as possible.
  2. Take a standing position and keep your body on your toes and hands. The knees are alternately brought to the chest. First touch straight (right knee to right chest and vice versa), then touch across. The intensity of the exercise should be similar to a run.
  3. Exercise for rapid weight loss
  4. Get on your knees. The abdomen and buttocks are drawn in. You should descend alternately on the left and right thighs. In this case, the touch of the floor on both sides of the calves should be minimal so that the muscles are constantly in good shape.
  5. Press your back against the wall and sit down so that your legs are at right angles to the floor and body (the posture is similar to the position of a person sitting in a chair). Fix the body for the maximum time.
  6. Stand with your back to a sofa or chair. Place one leg with the upper part of the foot on the selected support. Do a series of deep squats on the other leg. The further you are from the support, the more effective the exercise will be.
  7. Starting position - lying on your back, legs bent at the knees. It is necessary to raise the pelvis as high as possible to bring and spread your knees in this position and return to the original position. Repeat the selected number of times.
  8. Starting position - stand with your legs wide apart. Deep squats are performed alternately on each leg.
  9. Take a supine position. Raise your legs perpendicular to the floor. Using the abdominal muscles, tear the pelvis off the floor and make a birch without the help of your hands. Remain in this position for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise as often as you want.
  10. Lie on your left side. Pull in your buttocks and stomach. Raise your right leg as high as the stretch will allow.
  11. The final exercise in this series of exercises should be the following exercise. Get into the dog position, exhale and immediately contract the muscles of the press and buttocks as much as possible. Hold your breath and count to 10. Exhale, relax. Repeat the steps at least 5 times.

The number of executions depends on the physical fitness of the person and is selected individually. This program can be done in several ways.

The load should be increased slightly each day by increasing the number of repetitions.

Lose 7 kg in 2-3 weeks

Getting rid of the hated fat in 2-3 weeks is a more realistic task. In this case there is time for appropriate measures.

First of all, you need to check your daily routine. A good eight hour sleep is the main aspect. If the connection between normal rest and weight loss is hard to believe but to convince yourself, at least the argument that you don't feel like eating while you sleep is worth the argument.

You should pay attention to what is on the plate, in what quantity and in what combination. There are simply incompatible foods, the use of which puts a strain on the digestive system and leads to jumps in weight indicators. It is better to refuse high-calorie foods.

Eating is slowly necessary. Better to use small dishes and even small utensils. In no case should you skip meals (especially in the morning).

The next aspect is exercise. You can sign up for fitness or fitness. It is better to take your sister or girlfriend with you to motivate each other to exercise.

Usually 2-3 sessions per week are held, but in the case of an emergency weight loss (and 3 weeks is none, but still very little) this is not enough. On weekends after visiting the hall, the days must be treated independently.

The main goal of such "home" workouts is not to build muscle mass and tone up (although that would be great), but to keep your metabolism in good shape. Let it warm up for 10 minutes. It will be enough.

Free time should be particularly entertaining at this point, which also distracts attention from the refrigerator.

How to keep the result

The set goal will be achieved in one week or 2-3 weeks does not matter. The main thing now is to keep the new shape.

This requires:

  • Every morning after visiting the bathroom, step on the scales to record "plus 300 grams" and not "plus 2 kg".
  • continue to do sports (you can already refuse from the daily exhaustion of the body, it is enough to go to the gym 2-3 times a week);
  • It is necessary to adhere to the correct diet and the correct daily routine.
  • do not consume foods like french fries, mayonnaise, carbonated drinks, etc. (they are contraindicated even for those who are happy with their weight).

Remember, maintaining your body weight is easier than fighting heroically with those extra inches.