Lose weight without harm to health in a month

Often times, people are faced with the fact that they feel worse after losing weight. All of these strict diets, intense strength training, uncomfortable food or drink in one way or another all have a negative impact on your health as everything must be kept in moderation. When asked if it is possible to lose weight without harming the body, the answer is simple: you can, if you follow the simple rules of a healthy lifestyle.

Basic rules for harmless weight loss

Losing weight without harming your health is not that difficult. You just have to follow certain rules and consider the characteristics of your body:

  • It is important to prepare for a weight loss course in advance. This means not only physical preparation (signing up for a sports department or a swimming pool), but also moral: you certainly need to change some habits, if not your lifestyle - and that's always stress.
  • You need to gradually lose weight. It is impossible to lose weight quickly without harming health: if you drastically limit the amount of food and increase physical activity, you will have a lot of problems with the stomach, immunity and nervous system.
  • You cannot set yourself unattainable goals. If you've always worn size 52 clothes, don't dream of changing them to size 42 - this is hardly possible for physiological reasons. However, it is entirely possible to reduce the volume by a few sizes.
  • Combine physical activity with proper nutrition, then the process of losing weight will be much more effective and will not harm the body.
  • As soon as you feel that your health is deteriorating, you should immediately seek help from a specialist who will help you adjust your weight loss program.
  • You cannot lose weight without harming your health, just with the help of mono diets. In addition, the kilograms lost in this way quickly come back at the end of the diet
  • You need to monitor your drinking regime: drink at least 2 liters of water a day (excluding tea, coffee, juice).

Gradual weight loss

how to lose weight without harming health

You should never lose weight drastically as it is very dangerous for your health. All express weight loss programs are designed for a short period of around 3-4 days. For some, the result is not enough, and they continue to eat very poorly and lose strength over time. Lethargy and apathy arise.

In addition, there are many side effects that are difficult to eliminate:

  • The liver is overloaded. This leads to poisoning of the body with toxins and putrefaction products.
  • The metabolism can be disturbed, which is fraught with diseases of the endocrine system.
  • Acidosis occurs - a violation of the acid-base balance in the body.
  • Dramatic weight loss does not add to your attractiveness: the skin loses its elasticity, becomes flabby, limp, the hair becomes dull and the nails become brittle.
  • Severe dietary restrictions lead to vitamin deficiencies. This is especially dangerous in winter, when it is necessary to strengthen immunity with vitamins and minerals.
  • Due to a lack of nutrients, blood pressure, headache, weakness, dizziness and increased tiredness decrease.
  • Fasting often leads to edema because the phrase "swell with hunger" has not appeared from scratch. Protein in the blood has the ability to hold water around it, and when it is missing, the fluid is distributed in the intercellular space.

In no case should you resort to fasting and express diets for people who suffer from chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system and diabetes mellitus. Such experiments are fraught with grave consequences for them, even death.

It is much more correct and safer to gradually lose weight without harming health by combining a sensible diet with practicable physical activity. Nutritionists are certain: the slower the kilograms walk, the less the chances of a return.

How to lose weight without harming your health

To lose weight without further health problems, all you have to do is choose a diet that fits your lifestyle, add vitamins and exercise, and most importantly, be patient because ideal can never be quick and easy.

Drinking mode

Water is life energy and strength. A person can live longer without food than without water because the body consists of more than half. Hence, it is very important to keep drinking water constantly while trying to lose weight. It helps get rid of toxins and toxins that have recently been building up in the body. You need to drink at least 3 liters of liquid per day (including tea, coffee, compote, freshly squeezed juice, soup), of which 2 liters should be normal purified water.

If you want to lose weight without harming your health, give up juices in packs and other drinks of dubious composition, carbonated lemonades and the like. Please note that the water you drink must be mineral (in bottles) or, in extreme cases, filtered. This will help replenish your body with minerals.


Vitamins necessary during weight loss

While losing weight, one way or another you need to give up some foods or consume them in smaller quantities. This will affect your metabolism, immunity, and overall health. So don't be lazy to drink a serving of multivitamins. No matter how gentle the diet is, it is still stressful to the body and this care will help it recover faster. Choose a good multivitamin that contains the nutrients your body needs. Ordinary fish oil is very useful - today you no longer need to swallow it as you struggle with disgust. The drug is available in capsules.

Approximate conditions for taking vitamins - 2 months. During this time you only have time to adjust to a new diet. Then you can take a break.

Physical activity

Today there are many different weight loss programs based on physical activity. Good options for shedding extra pounds would be active walks or jogging, vigorous cycling, trail running, jumping rope, and exercising.

If time and financial resources allow, you must sign up for a sports department, health club or gym and follow the instructor's instructions. In the sports complex you will find many activities according to your wishes: dancing, stretching, yoga, pilates, swimming in the pool. Whatever you do, enjoy it and cheer you up.

Performance adjustment

Perhaps the most important and challenging part of losing weight without harming your health is changing your diet. This should be done gradually without creating a stressful situation for your body. At the same time, it is important to change not only the menu, but also the regime: learn to eat in small portions up to 6 times a day. Discharge once a week and drink only water (no gas). For the sake of simplicity, it is helpful to keep a journal in which you write down each meal and its energy value.

Reduce the consumption of trans fats (fried, smoked), boil or bake meat, steam. Dispose of semi-finished products from the store, as no one can say for sure what they have in their composition. Forget about snacks - fries, candy, cookies. Eat a complete food that contains carbohydrates, fiber, and protein components. When you switch to fractionated meals, it initially seems to you that you are eating even more than you were before. You won't feel hungry either.

Calorie calculation of food

Calorie calculation for weight loss

It is not enough just to reduce the amount of food. If you are serious about the process of losing weight, then you need to be sure that you have reduced the amount of calories you burned each day, forcing the body to produce energy from fat stores. First of all, you need to know how many calories you need for normal activities during the day. There are special formulas for this that can be used to calculate the required numbers:

  • Women: 10 * weight (kg) + 6, 25 * height (cm) - 5 * age - 161.
  • Men: 10 * weight (kg) + 6, 25 * height (cm) - 5 * age + 5.

The resulting number should be multiplied by the multiplication factor, which varies depending on the activity:

  • sedentary lifestyle: 1, 2;
  • low activity (walking, housework): 1, 375;
  • average activity (jogging, yoga, frequent walks): 1, 55;
  • high activity (exercise 5-7 days a week): 1, 725;
  • very active (professional athletes): 1. 9.

Healthy nutrition

Losing weight doesn't have to be difficult. There are types of healthy weight loss diets where you just need to choose healthy foods carefully and avoid unhealthy ones.

Basic requirements:

  • eat more green vegetables;
  • consume foods that contain calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and vegetable fats: lean meat, fish, fermented dairy products, cereals;
  • drink water before meals;
  • do not eat fruit immediately after eating; wait at least 30 minutes.
  • Avoid the consumption of sugar, flour products and fatty sauces.

Try the so-called 21-day diet. Its meaning is to alternate two "protein" days with two "vegetable" days. However, you should start the diet with two days of fasting, on which you need to drink a liter of milk, kefir or yogurt for the first time and supplement this with a tomato and a slice of black bread. Second, you should eat two kilograms of fruit (bananas and grapes are excluded), washed down with a liter of unsweetened green tea.

On "protein" days you can eat lean meat, baked fish, 1-2 eggs a day, a slice of cheese, cereal bread, and nuts. On "Vegetable Days" - a salad made from cucumber and tomatoes, vegetable stew, steamed eggplant, zucchini, green beans. Apples, pears and seasonal berries are allowed.

Discharge again the last day, similar to the first. And remember that such a diet should be repeated no more often than after 4-5 months.