How to lose weight at home

how to lose weight at home

It is no secret that most girls and women are constantly checking their figure and weight. Few of the fair sexes are able to keep their weight and figure normal, as very often the weight is only increasing and not decreasing. If you have gained a few pounds, today we are going to tell you how to lose weight at home.

When you should lose weight

Losing weight at home is easy enough, but you have to be realistic about the situation. Losing weight at home is possible, but at the same time you need to clearly understand what kind of weight "overweight" is. To determine if you are overweight, you need to calculate your norm. You can calculate the rate using the following formula: divide your weight by the size (in square meters). For example, your height is 1 meter 70 centimeters and you weigh 65 kilograms, we calculate: 65 / 1. 70² = 22. 49. The norm is 25. Accordingly, if you get a body mass index value of 22-25, this is itcompletely normal for the body. But if the indicator is above 25, then you are overweight.

How do you know what weight is normal for you? - Everything is very simple! Based on the logic and the formula above, you can find out what weight is the norm for you thanks to simple manipulations with numbers. So if your height is 1 meter and 70 centimeters, we multiply this value squared by the norm 25. It turns out: 25 × 1, 70² = 72, 25. It follows that your maximum weight should not exceed 72 kilograms, however, this is based on the rules. In fact, the weight rate is not calculated based solely on "dry" numbers.

Your body kit is also important. Of course, if you are not tall and do not tend to be overweight, your weight over 65 kilograms is already above normal for you. Of course, if you have wide bones yourself, the rate will increase. Another factor to consider is appearance. Agree, if you have a normal weight, calculated by the above formula, and have so-called "hanging sides", "stomach" and full legs - then this is far from the norm. In conclusion, the resulting indicator should be adjusted based on the structural features of your body, as well as visual factors.

Weight loss should include:

  • Determination of the causes of obesity;
  • Eliminating the causes of obesity;
  • revision of the diet;
  • Use of physical exercise.


If you don't know how to lose weight at home, start with motivation first. There is no point in losing weight without motivation as it is motivation that makes you act. The weight loss motivation should really stimulate you to act and help you stick to the measures planned (in changing diet, diet and using a range of exercises).

Why are you overweight?

Ways To Lose Weight At Home

If you are driven by iron motivation, let's move on to the next phase of losing weight at home - analyzing the occurrence of obesity. After all, it is no secret to anyone that you can gain excess weight for various reasons: improper diet, lack of exercise, taking hormonal drugs due to illness or stress. Therefore, it is very important to determine the cause of the appearance of obesity, because if this reason is a sedentary lifestyle and instead of moving more: walking and exercising, you are on a diet, there is absolutely no logic. If you want to lose weight and your actions are beneficial, identify the cause of the extra pounds and get rid of them. After that, you can proceed to actions aimed at losing weight.

Proper nutrition

An unhealthy diet is often the cause of obesity. Despite the fact that it is very difficult to eat right because of a difficult work schedule, try anyway.

Separate meals and, of course, shared meals are an essential part of proper nutrition. In short, we will say that a separate diet is based on the fact that all food products are divided into three groups: fats, proteins and carbohydrates. These food groups must be consumed in a strict order and with the right combination. You can find out from the article devoted to this type of food. Fractional nutrition sets 5 to 6 meals a day, while the amount of food consumed per day should not be increased and the usual amount of food should be divided into several meals.

effective methods for losing weight at home

Of course you cannot do without restrictions. In order to lose weight, it is strongly recommended to refuse or reduce sugar consumption to a minimum, as it retains fats and water in the body. Also, try to limit your intake of fatty foods as these interfere with the body's processing of calories and create an excess of carbohydrates, which then become fat deposits in women's "problem areas" (thighs and legs).

Also try to use less salt in your diet, as this will cause the body to retain water and fats, which will negatively affect the figure. Frequent coffee consumption increases the body's production of adrenaline, which makes you feel hungry. It is extremely seldom recommended to eat fried and smoked food as it is very difficult for the stomach to handle and so the so-called "overload" can occur.

If you want to lose weight with a healthy diet, only eat healthy foods. Avoid preservatives, ready meals, instant foods, and fast foods. The meals should be at the same time:

  • Breakfast - 8: 00;
  • Second breakfast - 10: 30;
  • lunch - 13: 00;
  • afternoon snack - 4: 00 p. m. ;
  • Dinner - 6: 30 p. m.

This nutritional program is designed to ensure that you wake up at 7 a. m. and go to bed around 11 p. m. If you go to bed later, you can arrange a small snack, light meal: fruit salad, low-fat yogurt or dessert around 9 pm. If you get up late and stay up late, the meal plan needs to be adjusted.

Many girls believe that the right thing to do at home to lose weight by not eating after six in the evening - and that is the main misconception. To do this, you just have to think about why exactly 6 p. m. and not after sunset or when the first star appears in the sky. Doctors and nutritionists recommend not eating for 3 hours before bed. There is no set time for any person to go to bed. “Don't eat after 6” is nonsense. If you go to bed at 1am it turns out to be starving for 7 hours!? If you go to bed at 9 p. m. , it is recommended that you exclude food after 6 p. m. If you go to bed at 1 a. m. , it is recommended not to eat after 10 p. m.


how to eat right to lose weight

To lose weight, you can use diets. Remember, not all diets will help you lose weight. Therefore, choosing an effective diet is a very difficult question. Sometimes you can lose weight by removing a product from your diet that makes it appear overweight. It can be meat, an orange, or baked goods. Of course, the best option is to create a custom diet from a nutritionist, but it is quite costly so you will have to choose your own diet and adjust the diet based on weight changes and weight loss of specific body parts.


Losing weight at home can only be done with proper diet and exercise. If you want to lose weight without dieting at home, physical activity should be increased. There are a large number of weight loss exercises. These can be either specific or general exercises.

Exercise is recommended in the evening, not in the morning or in the afternoon. The duration of the lesson should be at least 20 to 30 minutes per day. It is best to devote 40 minutes a day to performing exercises. Take short breaks during exercise to have a few sips of water. Take a weekend off from your workout. For example, do them every other day or on certain days. In no case should you overload yourself with physical exercises, otherwise there will be no benefit in losing weight, as it will either affect your well-being or your muscles will begin to grow, which is not very aesthetic for girls.