Diet by blood type

Losing weight without weighing every portion and counting calories every day is easy! A blood type diet will help you with this. Just put together a menu of the recommended products and lose weight easily and deliciously!

Diet for weight loss by blood type

What is a diet for weight loss with blood groups? As the name suggests, eating style and habits depend on what blood type you have. This concept was developed by the American Peter D'Adamo, who relies on the fact that new types of blood have emerged in different epochs of human development. At the time of their occurrence, people were eating certain foods that were meant to be consumed with this popular diet.

One of the reasons it's so quickly becoming popular is that losing weight according to a menu chosen for your blood type doesn't have to go hand in hand with counting grams and calories. The essence of diet is close to the principles of a balanced diet: it is not so important how much you eat, the main thing is what.

Diet for owners of the first blood group

The first group is referred to as "I" or "O". This group was owned by our ancient representatives who had the fame of hunters. Currently, one third of the world's population can boast an ancestral blood connection based on the blood "O". During the period of blood type determination, it will also check for the presence of an antigen called Rh factor. If not, you have 1 negative blood type. It doesn't really affect the digestibility of food. Regardless of whether you have 1 negative or 1 positive, the menus and nutrition tips are essentially the same.

People with group "O" have strong digestive and immune systems, but the metabolic rate is reduced.

Follow these guidelines to prevent food from stagnating in the stomach and being deposited where it shouldn't:

  • eat red meat and liver every day as a true hunter;
  • Forget about wheat products, beans, lentils and corn - they completely stop your digestion.
  • Diet for owners of the first blood group
  • cross out recipes with oat products and all types of cabbage, not including broccoli - they have a negative effect on the thyroid and slow down the metabolism.
  • love seafood and algae, replace normal salt with iodized salt, eat vegetables and herbs, preferably green (spinach, broccoli, lettuce) - you need more iodine.

When preparing a salad, season it with olive oil, the rest of the fats will be less digestible. To replenish the body with microelements, eat 2-5 walnuts, plums with figs are appreciated with a bang. If you're looking to buy bread, you can find a sprouted loaf that is low in gluten. Eat dairy products with a minimal amount of fat or even completely fat-free.

Most of the people on the blood type I feed look happy after the reviews. Maximum meat and fish ingredients will not leave you starving, and herbs and cereals complement the diet.

Vegetarian blood group diet

As people began to cultivate the land, a sedentary lifestyle and expanded diet led to the emergence of Type A, which also sounded like Group II. People with 2 positive and negative blood groups have underestimated the acidity of gastric juices and sensitive mucous membranes, which places certain restrictions on food.

The diet for weight loss for blood group 2 is fundamentally different from the diet for type "O". Meat slows digestion and leaves a long-lasting feeling of heaviness, while vegetables and fruits are digested and energized. Eggs and soy foods are good for getting the protein you need. Upon studying the diet suitable for the second blood group, it was found that its description is similar to that of the vegetarian. This is close to the truth as a minimum of animal ingredients should be kept on the menu. It is permissible to occasionally cook poultry meat: chicken, turkey, preferably chicken.

vegetarian diet for the second blood group

Regardless of rhesus, foods laden with sugar and chocolate should be avoided. Of seafood, perch, carp, sardines, cod, mackerel, trout, and snails are beneficial. Red fish, shrimp, caviar and other delicacies are already in the zone of harmful ingredients. Among the dairy products, yogurt, kefir, goat milk, and cheese are acceptable. No cream cheese, milk drinks, ice cream or butter! For the salad dressing, it is recommended to choose olive and linseed oil. They are useful to those who have peasant blood in their veins.

To avoid damaging the sensitive mucous membrane, avoid sauces, cucumber and sour fruits. Forget about orange and tomato juices, soda, cola, black tea. The most useful drink, and according to reviews, also a favorite, will be plain water with lemon juice. It is allowed to drink green tea, black coffee and red wine. From vegetable products will not be useful: cabbage (except broccoli), potatoes, tomatoes, greenhouse mushrooms, bananas, oranges, rhubarb, mangoes and tangerines.

The overall menu of the owners of the 2nd blood group will be as light and fresh as possible, since it consists mainly of vegetables and herbs, fruits and berries. There are also buckwheat, lentils, beans and asparagus beans.

Omnivorous group 3

After our ancestors mastered agriculture, they set out to explore the world. While doing the research, people ate all the food available, which caused a new type of blood "B" to appear. The third group now flows through the veins of 20% of humanity. Due to the need to adapt to constantly changing foods, people with this type have almost no restrictions in their diet.

The nomad body does not respond well to gluten, which is produced from wheat. This enzyme disrupts normal digestion and turns excess food into hated fat. Buckwheat, lentils, corn and peanuts have a bad effect on carriers of 3 negative blood.

Diet for owners of the third blood group

People with positive group 3 react in the same way, since these foods reduce the amount of insulin produced regardless of rhesus and without this the metabolism slows down.

Those who have violated these simple recommendations note rapid fatigue, weight gain, and alarmingly low blood sugar in the reviews. There are also few prohibitions under drinks: strong alcohol, beer and tomato juice.

So if you have Type B blood, then you can still experiment with your menu when you travel to new countries. The main thing is to limit sweet and white pastries, everything else will have a minimal impact on your strong stomach.

Rare 4th group

Type AB blood appeared last, and pre-existing types (A and B), influenced by environmental factors, took part in its formation. The diet for the 4 positive groups contains elements of the diet for farmers and nomads, sometimes in the most unexpected combinations. Consider the basic recommendations for the mysterious owners of AB blood. By the way, this group is only found in 7% of humanity, and literally one and a half percent of people have 4 negatives. As with other species, rhesus does not affect the lists of healthy and prohibited foods below.

Some of the characteristics of blood types A and B have overlapped, so you need to look for gaps to add to your diet. For example, the owners of the 3rd group are omnivores, they perceive meat well, but the carriers of the 2nd group suffer from low acidity of gastric enzymes. As a result, people - puzzles with type 4 blood - can eat meat, but not red.

Meat, salmon, trout, tuna, mussels, sardines and mackerel can be replaced with seafood.

There are no restrictions on dairy products in the Group 4 diet, they are even recommended for daily consumption. Products in this category support the thyroid, one of the main coordinators of metabolism.

Diet for owners of the fourth blood group

Soy products and all kinds of vegetables are also welcome. The body gets a lot of fiber and likes to remove excess material. Fruit is a little more complicated, you shouldn't buy bananas, oranges, mangoes, persimmons, guavas, and coconuts.

Buckwheat, corn, legumes and sesame (sesame) are blacklisted. Wheat products are only acceptable to those who are not struggling with obesity. If there are comments on your figure, then it is better to switch to rye baked goods. Be sure to minimize or even remove mushrooms and nuts from your diet. Among the drinks, black tea, coffee, orange juice, and soda are considered harmful to type AB.

The final set is very similar to the Mediterranean menu: seafood, rice, cheese, lots of vegetables and herbs. No matter how difficult the diet correction advice may seem at first, everything can get used to. Judging by the reviews, the average time it takes to get used to a new way of eating takes one to two weeks.

Frequently asked questions

How to choose a diet by blood type?

Take a blood type test and follow appropriate recommendations. Find a suitable format for prohibited, neutral and healthy products and print out the appropriate table or list.

What is the weight loss rate on a blood type diet?

Rather, it leads you on the path to a healthy, balanced diet. So don't expect very quick and noticeable results. There are completely different reviews of people who lost weight using this diet: someone shed 3-5 kg ​​in a month, and someone did not achieve much success in 3 months. When reviewing the results of studies with several thousand volunteers, they find that the success of the four diets described above varies widely. The lowest weight loss results show people with group 3 who were limited in almost nothing. The most noticeable indicators are among the owners of the blood of farmers.

Doctors' reviews have been largely positive as their patients begin to better understand their stomach's needs. After a month of following the rules of the blood type diet, the metabolism improves, the digestive system improves.

I'm on a sports diet. Why should I eat by blood type?

In fact, there is no such thing as a clear sports diet, as each sport has its own recommendations. She teaches how to eat fractionated, separated and varied, so that nothing prevents you from combining the principles of two diets for greater effect.