What you should eat to lose weight fast? The best weight loss products – list!

There are not many different ways, programs and Workouts for losing weight but a regular exercise enough to achieve high scores. You need to understand that a large role in the fat combustion plays the correct and balanced diet. The Problem of healthy nutrition is very important, because of what they eat, depends only on achievements in the Sport, but also the mood, the look, the ability to work and health in General. So in this article I will try to respond to such "hot" issues such as: What are the main principles of eating right are? What you should eat to lose weight fast? What are the best products for weight loss are? List!

Proper nutrition and sports

Diet (lifestyle, nutrition) – in the first place, it is the rules of food intake. The diet is characterized by factors such as: calorific value, chemical composition, physical properties of the products, the time and the frequency of meals.

  • Rule Number 1 — More Protein
  • Rule Number 2 — Less Carbs
  • Rule Number 3 — The Water
  • Rule number 4 — Harmful and healthy fats
  • Rule number 5 — the most Important principle of fat burning
  • Menu for the week
  • The best products for slimming

5 principles to losing weight

№1. Daily you must consume a sufficient amount of Protein. If the amount of the protein is not sufficient, you risk losing a significant part of the muscle mass in addition to fat, you're in luck, to burn. To help adequate amounts of Protein, the lean muscle mass in the time low-calorie meals.

In General, for the guys who are trying to lose weight, Norma protein is 2G to 1kg of body weight (for example, if the weight is 80kg guy, then 80 multiplied by 2, and as a result, we obtain the Norm of the fiber). The girl must be a bit less: 1.5 G on 1 kg of body weight (for example, if the weight of the girl's 70kg, must then be multiplied by 70 with 1.5, and as a result, we get the daily requirement of Protein). If your goal is not to lose weight, and drying the body, then the standard-Protein and is increased both for boys and girls (boys: 2.8 G – 3.5 G * 1kg / girl: 2R – 2.7 G * 1kg).

The best sources of Protein for weight loss: Turkey fillet, chicken fillet, hake, saithe, cod, low-fat Quark, egg whites (a few yolks). They strive, in their diet, there were all kinds of Protein foods, because each product has its own unique set of amino acids.

Calorie deficit for weight loss

Number 2. Eat as little as possible carbs. Deficit carbohydrates helps to lose weight faster, because of the lack of carbohydrates is the main energy source of the fat. Keep the level of carbohydrates per day: 50 – 100 grams. But that does not mean that if you carbohydrates ate 300g, then immediately all the need to cut and the transition to 50 – 100 grams. No, not like that. Everything should smoothly done, otherwise, eventually, gain more fat, than to throw. Handle up to 50 – 100g per day cutting 30 – 50g carbohydrates per week.

Choose complex sources of carbohydrates (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, barley). These carbohydrates are you saturate your body with energy to for a very long time. Just as in the diet must be present in berries are simple carbohydrates (fruit). But simple carbohydrates should not be much to (the Norm is about 20%). And don't forget about the vegetables. Vegetables are an excellent source of fiber, which is beneficial to the process of losing weight and the digestive tract.

No. 3. Drink plenty of water. Water is the base of our body, it plays in many processes of life. We are 60% water, therefore we need to water you daily drink enough pure. Health and well-being depends on the quality and the quantity of the liquid. And it is not surprising, efficient process of fat burning is also dependent on the amount you drink the water.

Firstly, if the organism of small amounts of liquids increases the viscosity of the blood. For this reason, oxygen is slower in the cells leads, which in turn slows down the process of fat burning.

Secondly, the water speeds up the metabolism, and as you already know, the faster the metabolism, the faster is the process of burning fat.

Thirdly: water removes toxins from the body, excess salts, and toxins (such as always washing and cleaning the body).

How much water you need?


For girls – 40 ml * 1 kg of body weight (e.g., girl with a weight of 60 kg a day 2400 ml or 2.4 L drink, since the 40 ml * 60 kg = 2400 ml).

For men – 50 ml * 1 kg of body weight (for example, a man with a weight of 100 kg, you must drink per day, or 5000 ml 5 litre, 50 ml * 100 kg = 5000 ml).

Number 4. Exclude from the diet of foods high in harmful fats (animal fats, Margarine, Butter, and most sweets). Eat to a Minimum such types of fat, such as: egg yolks, hard cheese, and sunflower oil. The best weight loss products (list) in the Form of fatty acids, linseed oil, olive oil, nuts, oily fish and Avocados is. To eliminate very often people completely fat from your diet, and in this case, your error. Not completely fatty acids, since this can result in hormonal disorder lead. You just need to remove bad fats and good add. Daily rate for boys and girls = 0.5 G per 1 kg of body weight.

Number 5. And finally, the most important and the most important principle in losing weight is the strict adherence to this rule, which is: "you have to less calories than you are able to consume per day". This means that you need to move in order to eat less food, and more. Only in such cases, subcutaneous fat burn.