Keto-diet — a delicious way to ideal figure

We all want to, especially the representatives of the fair sex, to achieve the perfect figure and be proud to wear revealing clothing. And most of us seemingly, a very logical plan of action: eat less — if not hungry, — the eliminate fat, to actively participate in sports. The Problem is that the long survival of such a scheme is possible, and after the quite foreseeable misconduct on the part of the dropped pounds back want to return. The way out of this vicious circle, there is, although it requires discipline and patience, but the result is not stable, the muscle mass will be lost, and to improve the condition of the skin.

Natural oils and fats form the basis of the Keto diet

What is Keto diet

Surprisingly, Keto diet was originally seizures is not for slimming, but for the improvement of children suffering from epileptic. In 1921, an endocrinologist a Rollin Vodit for the first time, noted that under the conditions of low-carb higher diet the liver, ketone bodies are produced; in the same year, the therapist Russel wilder such a diet called the Keto diet and started it for the treatment of epilepsy in cases in which medication get no results. Soon, the medical staff noticed that patients were slimmer and lighter, so the Keto diet has been the new direction of development. Most of today's well-known low-carb diets, like the Atkins diet, Paleo diet, etc., the later variations of the Keto diet. How does it work?

For most people the idea of using fat for the purpose of weight reduction seems to be a Paradox. To Mechanisms of the Keto diet present were, remember how the human metabolism works. Carbohydrates are the most important and the cheapest source of energy. In view of the limited intake of carbohydrates the body is no longer able to get the power to the Glucose by their division and forced the use of alternative sources of energy, i.e. fats, which are further processed in the liver with the formation of ketone bodies is a state of ketosis is. According to many nutritionists, Keto diet is not only an effective means in the struggle for slim figure, but also be able to significantly improve the condition of patients with such a diagnosis such as cancer, Alzheimer's, autism, schizophrenia, and Depression.

The effectiveness of the Keto diet

Compliance with all the provisions Keto diet gives wonderful results. The number of lost Kilos per week can vary from 0, 5 to 2.5, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. The effectiveness of many girls, which it is not succeeded to lose weight through other diets have convinced Keto diet are also very popular among men and women, not with Bodybuilding, because to loss of muscle mass.

The optimal protein content in the Keto diet contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass

Advantages and disadvantages of the Keto diet

To the confirmed — in a scientific and practical advantages of the use of this diet are:

  1. Proven Effectiveness. To the state of ketosis faster loss of body mass in fat compared to other diets, for example, with nishiiwai.
  2. No feeling of Hunger: you can always Snack products from the list of approved.
  3. In the Keto diet is no strict sequence of the dishes, you can select and combine the products according to your wishes. You just have the General formula of the consumption of fat, protein and carbohydrates, i.e., 75%:20%:5% according to stick.
  4. Keto-diet does not lead to the loss of muscle mass. Weight comes at the expense of subcutaneous and visceral fat, not muscles.
  5. Therapeutic and prophylactic value in respect of such diseases, such as cancer, Crohn's disease Allgamer, epilepsy, Depression. To consult for the use of Keto-diet in the treatment of these diseases with a specialist.
  6. Low glycemic index foods allowed on the Keto diet, improves the condition of skin prone to the occurrence of acne.

Since the Keto diet has a significant impact on the body, without the metabolic pathways of energy production, without the negative side also do not come out:

  1. An extensive list of contraindications (see at the end of the article).
  2. Diet is not balanced, therefore, it is necessary to regularly undergo a medical examination to take place.
  3. In the first 2 weeks in your body metabolic adaptation to take place. As long as this process is not completed, you may experience fatigue, nausea, and difficulty in concentration.
  4. One of the accompanying state of ketosis phenomena — the smell of the acetone from the mouth, with which you can face on a Keto diet.
  5. In the shops the selection of low-carb convenience products is very limited, therefore you need a meal for lunch, and between meals.
  6. From-for absence in a diet of cereals, fruit and most of a Can it can cause problems with the intestines.

Plan Keto Diet


Table: list of allowed and prohibited foods

Approved ProductsProducts that you exclude
Butter and vegetable oilsLow-Fat Products
Meat, Fish, SeafoodSugar in all types of
EggsCereals, products made from flour
NutsFruits, Dried Fruits
Green Can, mushrooms, tomatoes in small amountsPotatoes and others Can be rich in carbohydrates
Berries in small quantitiesLegumes
Natural milk products other than milkCorn
Dry wine, spirits, Rum, cognac, Whisky (no more than one glass per day)Beer and all alcoholic drinks that contain sugar

The composition of the diet and nutrition plan

Keto diet is a Low Carb diet with a high intake of fat and a moderate amount of Protein rates. There are several variants of this diet:

  1. Standard Keto diet involves the intake of fat, protein and carbohydrates in a ratio of 75%:20%:5%.
  2. Cyclic Keto diet is based on the scheme of "5 days of nutrition in accordance with the rules of the Keto diet 2 days high carbohydrate diet or carbohydrate-loading".
  3. The target Keto diet before contains additional consumption of carbohydrates, and after Training.
  4. Protein Keto diet is similar to Standard, but with a higher percentage of Protein in the diet: the ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrates is 60%:35%:5%.

Note that only in the Basis of Standard-and high-Protein diets are extensive clinical studies. Loop-and target-Keto-diet bodybuilders practiced enthusiasts, but their safety has not been clinically confirmed, therefore further we will consider only the Standard variant of the Keto diet.

To calculate approximately how much you need to consume Protein per day, you will benefit from a simple formula: 1 gram of Protein per 1 kg of body weight. That is, if your weight is 80 kilograms, you should consume 80 grams of protein per day. Then how much fat is based on the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates we need to get a number that specifies, and carbohydrates you need per day to consume, and 300 20 grams. However, you can the absorption of carbohydrates (not to increase but not more than 50 grams per day). If, after the expiry of the adjustment period of about 2 weeks — are you still feeling fatigue and concentration difficulties, try to slowly increase your carbohydrate intake by 5 G per week. Keto start diet better gently, gradually carbohydrate products reduced in your diet, the process of adaptation of the metabolism as gently as possible for the organism, and just as slowly out of her reach. The duration of the Keto diet depends on your health condition and your doctor's recommendations to follow, but this diet, in less than a month is not meaningful, since the half of this period is the adjustment.

Scrambled eggs from two eggs with bacon

Example menu (options for selection)


  1. Scrambled eggs from two eggs with bacon contained in olive oil sauté.
  2. Omelette made with one egg and three egg whites with mushrooms, spinach and herbs, sprinkled with feta cheese.
  3. Half an Avocado, boiled egg, a slice of smoked salmon and 2 fried tomatoes.


  1. Turkey baked with mushrooms in yoghurt, cheese and herbs.
  2. A piece of roasted meat or chicken with a serving of green salad, refilled contained olive oil.
  3. Spinach salad with shrimp from the Grill (slices of salmon, chicken or beef), with the diced cheese to choose from, sprinkled with nuts and dried Cranberries.


  1. Salmon steak grilled with cooked asparagus or broccoli covered with Butter.
  2. Mediterranean salad made of boiled eggs, olives, cucumbers, feta cheese with the olive oil on a bed of lettuce.


  1. Almond-Berry Smoothie made with almond milk with cottage cheese or Ricotta, a handful of the favorite berries and a pinch of vanilla extract.
  2. A handful of nuts to choose from.
  3. Can Sticks (cucumber, celery) with Guacamole.
  4. Mozzarella-balls of finely grated sharp cheese with natural yoghurt, obalanya in the chopped pistachios.

Table: contents of the carbohydrates in certain foods

ProductOne serving contains 6 G of carbohydrates
Avocado1/2 piece of
Walnuts30 G
Pine nuts30 G
Coconut milk3/4 Cup
Coconut (Pulp)1/2 Cup
Almond30 G (23 Walnut)
Cashew22 G
Sunflower seeds1/4 Cup
Pistachios30 G (47 Pistachios)
Hazelnuts45 G
Yogurt from whole milk100 ml
Cherry1/2 Cup
Strawberries2/3 Cup
Cranberry1/2 Cup
Raspberries1/2 Cup
Currants1/2 Cup
Blueberries1/3 Cup


Ginger Roast Beef

Ingredients for 2 servings:

  • 2 Steak, without the bone benefit, incised bands at the top,
  • 1 Tablespoon Contained Olive Oil,
  • Ginger Roast Beef
  • 1 small onion, cut into slices, dice,
  • 1 crushed clove of garlic,
  • 2 small tomatoes, diced,
  • 1 teaspoon of ground ginger,
  • 4 Tablespoons Of Apple Cider Vinegar,
  • Salt, Pepper.
  1. Pour heat the oil in a frying pan, Brown the Steaks over medium-high heat.
  2. If both sides are well browned, add the onions, garlic and tomatoes.
  3. Mix in a Cup of ginger, salt, pepper and vinegar, add, stirring, to the meat.
  4. You implement the lid, reduce the heat and cook until evaporation of the liquid.
  5. Serve, sprinkled with herbs.

Nutritional information one serving: 370 kcal, 27 G fat, 7 G carbs, 46 G protein.

Nourishing Cobb Salad

Ingredients (2 Servings):

  • 100 Grams Of Ham,
  • 4 Cherry tomatoes, cut in half,
  • 30 Grams Of Blue Cheese
  • 2 boiled eggs,
  • 2 Cups Of Lettuce, Romano,
  • half an Avocado, diced,
  • 2 Slices Of Bacon,
  • 1 tablespoon contained olive oil and Apple cider vinegar,
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and Dijon light beige,
  • Salt and pepper to taste.

Cut the ham into cubes and fry on pan, sprinkle with the olive oil. Eggs cut into slices, cheese cubes. Place all the ingredients on the salad in the Form of strips. All the ingredients of filling and pour the salad. Nutritional information one serving: 208 kcal, 8 grams of fat, 3 grams carbohydrates, 31 G protein.

If you decide to follow the rules of the Keto diet

You can read the recommendations in the doctors, in order to achieve the desired result quickly, as well as to avoid possible side effects.

  1. A medical examination. This is the first and mandatory point of the programme, which should not be ignored. Keto diet is contraindicated in people with certain diseases.
  2. Please read the list of allowed products — it should usually fit your culinary preferences. If you are the largest in the world, Amateur banana, Spaghetti and potatoes in a rural, you should choose a different System of weight reduction: waiver of favorite foods immediately health for you to a lot to a lot of Stress, what benefit, exactly, your and mood.
  3. Nourishing Cobb Salad
  4. Try not to schedule you did for the first two weeks of the diet, no important matters, and work. Remember that in this time your body will adapt and slow-motion work.
  5. Plan your time so that it will be enough for cooking. Most of the products that requires on-Keto-diet, culinary processing, and in particular then, if you want a little variety in your menus.
  6. Not to forget the green: spinach, cucumber, celery are in the diet Can. They contain little carbs, but a source of dietary fiber, which is a normal bowel function.
  7. Drink at least 8 glasses of pure water per day for the eradication of the probable smell of acetone and improvement of the work of the kidneys.
  8. Add pressed into your diet high quality coconut oil cold: it is the best source of triglycerides of medium length, which can easily turn into ketones.
  9. Do not be afraid, cucumber food, if you want it to be: the salt helps to restore the electrolyte Balance, which is disturbed on a Keto diet.
  10. Be sure to have a Vitamin-mineral complex. Keto diet is unbalanced and may not provide your body with all the necessary materials.
  11. If you do active sports with a high aerobic load, note that your workout will reduce the Potential can be reduced, since on the Keto diet, glycogen stores in the muscles.