Exercises for weight loss for women at home.

What to do if you need to lose weight, and take it to a health Club is not possible? A good result at home to reach. You need to daily fat burning exercises for the whole body and proper nutrition for weight loss to perform.


Effective exercises for losing weight

For weight loss lack of exercise, slowing of the metabolism is necessary to replace, as actively as possible. Tomorrow should start with the shop and for the home strength training in the evening mark a half hour time. In the course of the day, take advantage of every opportunity for physical exertion. For the fat combustion helpful to replace the travel in an Elevator after climbing the stairs and before going to bed take a short hike. Exercises for all the muscles of the corset to ensure the streamlining of the body and for the aesthetic reduction of weight and preservation of the health, it is important that you follow the simple recommendations:

  • Of a low calorie diet, cake, and bread from the top type of flour produced.
  • You cook a few products, or cooking.
  • Eat fruit and rich in fiber.
  • In the evening nothing to eat, the last meal is not later than 2 hours prior to bedtime.
  • To drink clean water.

Exercises for the whole body slimming and Fitness is a prerequisite. In the compilation of the program's training plan for the home to objective-oriented formulation of problem zones and health. Experienced trainers recommend the use of effective exercises for strengthening and slimming the muscles.



"After heated seats front flips" one of the most effective movements for strengthening and slimming of the back. For the study of the muscles, spine straightening, you should get up regularly on the "bridge". Together of the shoulder blades to draw the blood flow of the trapezius muscles and diamond-shaped muscles to improve and reduce of body fat in the neck area. The exercise "Plank with a thrust dumbbell" vigorously burns fat by the work of the broadest muscles of the back and the Boot copes with Cellulite on the back.

Chest of drawers

"Presses dumbbell lying" to force both types of fiber work, what makes it possible lose weight without losing muscle mass. The exercise "push-UPS from wall -" women can ensure to a large number of repetitions, the intensity required for fat burning. The systematic execution of the exercises, "Dry Bras" supports the muscle tone and the static load of the "pressure of the palms" adds elasticity to the chest of drawers. Nutrition — a crucial factor in the female breast, slimming, and physical activity helps to maintain a beautiful shape.


Remove the legs, but also for the study of the muscles of the whole body using different variations of the exercise, "Creep". Side-to-side lunges perfectly Laden feet with the outside. Exercise "scissors" or the terminals of the ball the king's meadow to force to burn the muscles intensive fat on the inner side of the thigh. The regular execution of the exercise "Bicycle" is a slim area of the knee and is gentle on the joints works. The climbs on the socks, standing or sitting, reduce edema of the lower legs and provide relief.



Selegiline on a stable stool with the rise of the knee to the top — an effective exercise for weight loss the legs. "Downtime steps" burden targeted the thighs, give you relief. If it is necessary, particular attention to interior surface, in the exercises, you need to add "Plie-squats". For the combustion of fat on the outside of the thigh, Mahi need to practice to stand foot to the side.


The exercise "deadlift" is useful for the muscles of the whole body and improves the elasticity of the gluteus. For an Intensive slimming-buttocks "discharges of the legs" and wide lunges. "Hyperextension" — a good Alternative to the cross, deadlifts, the exercise will be charged to the king's meadow and quads. "Gluteal bridge" raises effectively the muscle volume, as well as reduced body fat on the lower back and the buttocks. Exercise "walking on the buttocks" strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, and is considering biceps femoris.


"Reverse pushups" with your feet on a chair or the edge of the Couch, gorgeous strain the triceps area, and clean the fat from the armpits. Different variants of the Flexion of the Hand tighten and strengthen the anterior group of shoulder muscles. Exercise "scissors" and "rotary half-moon" to burn evenly the fat from the surface of the hands. "Dumbbell bench press-up" is implied in the work of the triceps, the trapezius and the deltoid muscles, creates a beautiful shape of the shoulder girdle.


The usual "rotation" study wonderful the top of the press, and the exercise "backwards" reduces body fat and strengthens the muscles in the lower abdominal area. "Pages and Oblique Twist" to emphasize the waist and the practice "Tilts to the side," freed from deposits of fat on the sides. "Circular rotation of the feet" combined effect on the muscles of the press. To do the tight abdomen bulging systematically exercise "vacuum".

Warm-Up Neck


To do for a slim and attractive waist support "forearm in the Hand" or "the mill", with the result that the oblique abdominal muscles shrink intense. Exercise "curves of the feet lying on the ground" active burns fat in the problem area, and strengthens the abdominal muscles. "Side Bridge" and "Lift the legs, lying on the side of" perfectly toned side muscles and reduce the density of the waist.


For the correct execution of the exercise with the feet shoulder-apart, wide, placing them in a level with the knees. Keep your back straight, with a recess in the lower back, lower arms along the body. Flatten the shoulder blade, take the basin, and on the inhale, take down. Hips to bend until parallel to the ground, and to migrate the weight of the body on the heels. Climb in, breathe in the upper part of the climb. Performing squats, you need to check the key points:

  • In the lower Position of the king's meadow not to spend to the heated front seats for the feet.
  • You can't stand on the toes.
  • It is prohibited, around the upper part of the back and the loins made.
  • During the ascent you can meadow to reduce the King.


At the beginning of the exercise, you put your feet on the width of the pelvis, and then a step to the heated seats in the front and gently sit down. The load transferred to the front leg, pull the other and only on socks. Back smooth, with a natural hollow in the lower back, the palms of the hands are on the belt. The knee joint labor-legs bent at an angle of 90°, and undergoes an increased load, therefore, it is important not to allow the projections of king's meadow behind the toes of the foot. Exhale to climb to the top, and you implement the working leg next to the reference point.


Starting position for apart pushups — stop lying on the straight Hand, with the staging of the shoulder width. The distance between the feet of the homeopath is not table based on the execution of Liege. Body smooth, tensing, buttocks, and abdominal muscles. Stretch, take a deep breath, and chest touch the ground. Gently exhale, lift the whole body. During the execution of the exercises is important:

Training the muscles of the neck
  • Staging palms note on the height of the center of the chest.
  • The curvature in the lower back.
  • Avoid strong dilution, Ellen, and flabby thighs.


In order to prevent various injuries, before you need jumps a warm-up the ankle and knee joints. In the starting position your feet are, hands down along the body. Shoulders lowering, press, stretch, keep your back straight and a little tense. The explosive force of the muscles of the thigh and the lower leg of the body push it up, pull of the foot. Land on the toes, easy to spring king's meadow.

The rise of the legs

For the execution of the exercises has to lie on your back and lower back firmly press down, the hands along the body. Tear strength of the abdominal muscles, the hips from the floor and, exhaling, lift angle up to 60°. The legs hold top 2 sec. and on the inhale to lower, without touching the heels to the floor. To separate in order to reduce the load on his head from the ground. For beginners and women with weak abdominal muscles, you should begin with the successive climbs of the legs.


Important: the exercise is carried out only on hard surfaces. Lie on your back, bend your hips and pull the arms to the sides. The palms of the hands to be placed under the buttocks, to implement of the foot on the ground. By inhalation, lift the leg and pull the sock. Force the abdominal muscles to keep the feet on the ground at an angle of 30°-90°. First of all, you apart, thin the legs, then Flatten and cross.



Lie on your back, the fingers of the hands hanging in the castle behind the head and elbows to breed in Hand. Beginners may Erdberger Lände arms in front of chest. Turn the hips and put the lower legs on any piece of furniture. Exhale, turn the housing and pull the shoulders in the direction of the pool. You need to daily fat burning exercises for the whole body and proper nutrition for weight loss to perform. In the end position, back rounded, and the abdominal muscles are greatly reduced. Not reduce the elbows and stretch the neck and the chin to the chest press. When you inhale again, the body in a horizontal Position.


After the load, the pulse must normalize to lower the heartbeat and the Stress of the nervous system. Properly executed annexes to the apparatus promotes rapid recovery after exercise, and the return of shortened muscles in the original state. Stretching promotes the elasticity of the ligaments and muscles, improve the blood circulation in the body and promotes the excretion of toxins from the body.

For efficient breakdown of simple movements and exercises lead:

  • "Dizziness";
  • Pinning the elbow to the shoulder;
  • Pull the elbows behind the back;
  • The slopes, or with the feet;
  • Roll-up of the hands behind the back;
  • Streamers in the door;
  • Exercise "Crescent" and "Cobra";
  • Pull back on the leg.

"The Training Program"



At the beginning of the week, strength training to strengthen muscles should, as the body is restored after the weekend well. Before Training, you must spend 15 minutes of active warm-up of the whole body, to prepare muscles and ligaments for the upcoming load. All exercises 15 reps in 3 approaches. Basic Training includes exercises for all muscle groups:

  • "Deep Knee Bend";
  • "Wide-failure-steps" — a set number of repetitions of each foot;
  • "Ironing with a thrust dumbbell" — have to do each Hand, 15 reps;
  • "Push-UPS";
  • "Dumbbell bench press to the top";
  • "Curls with dumbbells";
  • "Rotation";
  • "The rise of the legs".

For endurance training is well-suited, jump rope, you need to 3 times after 60 sec. As a hitch – 10 min. Stretching of all muscles.


The day of marathon training, all exercises run consecutively to 15 replicates. For the Training 3 must round up. So, prepare the heart for the upcoming load in Training has to run on the spot activated. Exercises the main complex:

  • "Plie-Squats";
  • "Push-UPS";
  • "Gluteal Bridge";
  • "Superman";
  • "Scissors";
  • Jump on the spot – 30 times.

In a towing device, you want to add to lead breathing exercises heart rate back to normal.


Day Power and endurance training. Basic Training includes 3 sets of exercises that everyone should perform 20 repetitions. Taking into account the activity of the upcoming Training, warm-up, the rotation should movement, warming joints and ligaments. The course consists of exercises:

  • "Squats" with the rise of the Hand;
  • "Back discharges legs" – run per leg, 20 reps;
  • "Reverse Pushups";
  • "Hyperextension";
  • "Bicycle".

As the hook 5 min. Stretch marks legs and back, and for fat burning, you can spend a stroll within 30-45 min.


You need a Training with a focus on problem zones. A short warm-up from the rotating movements of the feet and hands. To encourage fat-burning effect of all exercises, perform 20 reps in a circuit, with rest in between sets 30 sec. For the professional circuit 2, which include:

  • "Wide-failure-steps" – each leg 20 reps;
  • "Pushups from the wall";
  • "Gluteal Bridge";
  • "Stretch your hands up" with a light dumbbell;
  • "Superman";
  • "Mahi, with the foot of the page";
  • "Rotation";
  • Jump Rope – 30 Sec.

While the hook will stretch well the muscles of the arms and legs, do the breathing exercises.


In the Training the maximum number of muscles you should work 2 approach in all exercises. To increase the effectiveness of the activities, warm-up, Mahi, Rotation of the hands and feet, as well as the rotations and inclinations of the housing must be activated. In any approach you make 15 repetitions of the following exercises:

  • "Downtime steps" – make each foot to 15 reps;
  • "Back discharges legs" – get 15 reps for each leg;
  • "The Bridge";
  • "Push-UPS";
  • "Overhang above the ground" – 60 sec.
  • "Pressing the palms in front of the chest";
  • "Rotation";
  • "Rotation of the legs" – in each direction of 15 repetitions to perform.

As the hook 50 jumps on the spot and stretching of the entire body.


Add in the Training, the exercises on the elaboration of the problem areas. In the first part of the session, alternating exercises on the legs – 2 approach for 15 reps, then upper body processed. Exercises performed separately. They enable the Training to run on the spot with the ascent of the king's meadow, and in the main Training:

  • "Squats";
  • "Back discharges legs";
  • "The side of the outbreak";
  • "Gluteal Bridge";
  • Before working through the top 50 jumps on the spot;
  • "Dumbbell bench press lying down";
  • "Superman";
  • "Push-UPS";
  • "Overhang above the ground" – 60 sec.

To improve the gerogianni rope run jump 2 times 60 sec. A towing device, you should start with breathing exercises and Stretching of the legs.


Day of the restoration of the muscles, and active aerobics, you need to go for a walk within 60 min. To start the hormonal processes, prior to cardio, you should go through the exercises on two approaches to the press:

  • "Twist" – the maximum number of times.
  • "Bike" – 20 reps per leg.
  • "The lateral inclined surfaces" – a total of 50 repetitions.

For aesthetic weight loss and the maintenance of tone the necessary daily exercises for the muscles of the whole body, as well as the strict adherence to the diet and Aerobic exercise. You need to examine, and the correct technique to avoid injury and the effectiveness of the training plan for the home.