Diet Favorite

Diet with the unusual name of "favorite" with each passing day is gaining its popularity among those who are trying to lose weight. You can lose weight on the rapid and radical methods. On a diet, you can lose excess pounds permanently and without the grueling hunger strike and for all.



The name of the diet due to the fact that you are loved by all for the results in the shortest time possible and without harm to health. It's not about the strenuous fasting, or not tasty, but healthy food. On the contrary, your daily diet consists of a variety of products. With their help, you can go back to 7-10 kg for only a week. The essence is a daily Mono-diet for 5, 7, 10 or 14 days. For example, one day only, the second Protein, the third is based on the consumption of fruits, etc., a Simple, but at the same time strict diet requires strict adherence and sequences – in this, the most important key to success. Cleansing the body before a diet which helps protect the body against poisoning and illness prevented.

The principles of the diet favorite:

  • Conveyor belt Hack forbidden light of day or will swap places.
  • The repeated implementation of the diet is not recommended earlier than a year.
  • No restrictions in servings and consumption of food.
  • A few days before a diet of the consumption of sweet, starchy foods and fat.
  • If you have constipation, should organize the work of the intestine.

Before you make a diet you have to take note of a few tips:

  1. Not worth it on a diet sports Supplement. The Training does not bring due benefits, but only power and create a feeling of Jora. Keep in mind that any physical effort on the body with the diet can.
  2. Purified water should be used daily in your menu, it is wonderful to drown out the growing feeling of hunger and to cleanse the body as a whole. But not to replace, the water to eat. Sapiwat the food is not necessary, this homeopathic a negative effect on the concentration of the gastric juice. Better to drink a glass a half hour before eating and half an hour after the drink.

Pros and cons

Like any diet, the lover has both the advantages of the use as well as disadvantages.

Advantages of using:

  • the rapid weight reduction of 7 up to 10 kg in a week;
  • the amount of food can be arbitrarily extend;
  • Short course;
  • the cleaning of the intestines of harmful substances.

Of the minuses:

  • do not go on a diet regularly, it will cause irreparable damage to health;
  • in the process of some chronic diseases will be exacerbated;
  • there is the probability of increase of arterial pressure;
  • the ration consists of one of a small number of macro - and micro-nutrients, so that immediately after completion of the course, you will be additional approx.


  • Lactation, Pregnancy;
  • Diabetes of any kind;
  • Diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract;
  • Kidney Gastritis Failure;
  • Pathology of the heart;
  • High blood pressure;
  • the tendency to mental changes;
  • slow metabolism.

Recommended Products

Product group

To eat right of pledge and a diet low in calories. Therefore, the daily dose is not more than 1000 kcal. Drinking-days-diet can of water by the use of not only purified. Adopted the following list of products:

  • Drinking yoghurt (see which yogurt is best for losing weight);
  • broths;
  • Yogurt and milk of low fat content;
  • Compote;
  • Fruit and vegetable juices.

In the course of the day diet is prohibited, artificially sweetened carbonated liquid, alcohol, sugar, and salt. In Can-days you can all be Able to taste, but most Kohls will be. It is able to help accelerate the metabolism and burning fat cells. As a salad Dressing better used cooking oil. Its recommended to eat by the spoonful every day, regardless of the menu, just because the oil promotes the replenishment of fatty acids in the body. Of the Mayonnaise or sour cream must be abandoned. Can raw, mostly cooked and baked Form.

Varieties of menu favorite diet

Time, the diet are taking, you can determine yourself. It can be removed with a size of 5 to 14 days. The standard course is 7 days, but not all of them achieve the desired results for this time, therefore, forced to continue to decrease for another couple of days. To properly assess your strength and you read the menu to the desired period. Your daily diet is made up of Can, drink, fruit, and combined days. Their order depends on the time limits that you want to lose weight. We look at the diet in Detail.

Drinking water

In addition to purified water you consume on a given day in an amount of not less than 2 liters, permits, and other liquids. These include milk products, broths, and teas (not sweet), yogurt 1%, milk and freshly squeezed juices. With the latest not to be abused, because 150 ml of the drink may not contain small number of calories. Concentrated juice is better to dilute it with water in a ratio of 50: 50. Use of salt in this period is prohibited, it has a negative impact on the functioning of the kidneys. For the first night, you will be able to get rid of several pounds overweight, the water from the body. To this day, it is better to get rid of the work, as it is not a weakness in the body, slight nausea, and nausea excluded. All of the above symptoms should not scare you. Such a reaction of the organism, a chard of Protein.


This time, it can be used in any Form and quantity, with the exception of fried oil. Food is better every couple of hours to 300 kcal., what is the incidence of Hunger and the worry is eliminated for good nutrition. As a salad Dressing you can make yogurt, lemon juice, soy sauce (best), or contained olive oil.


Almost all the fruits and berries you are not allergic, you can eat it in any quantity, but just not too much, otherwise it can lead to problems with a chair. Banana, peach, Mango, grapes and Avocado are prohibited. It is strongly recommended to eat Grapefruits, which promotes the burning of fat cells. In the course of the day, you can consume 3 kg of fruit, and drink water in any amount.


Prion Group

Throughout the day you will saturate the body proteins, the source of the chicken breast, seafood, eggs, and cottage cheese and yogurt. But we should not deceive ourselves. A serving should not kcal more than 350.


For this day, may boiled eggs, fruit be eaten hard, Can broths, fish and dairy products. But in the small portions. In the morning you can. unsweetened tea and eggs, drink for Breakfast, for lunch, low-fat, cook the supperior reliability, and as a Snack, apples or carrots to use, fine cooked fish The salt is recommended, in small portions add. In order not to excretion of fluids from the body to stop.

Diet for 5 days

Less than a week time to have the body cleansed of toxins and the weight can achieve loss of 6-8 kg. Scheme 5 days will look like this:

  • On the water.
  • Combined: in the diet of Can and fruit allowed.
  • Protein-rich foods.
  • Drinking water (varied).
  • Vegetable.

All kinds of sausage, canned food and pastries, are prohibited after the expiration of five days, eat for 3 consecutive days.

Diet for 7 days

A weekly menu is the easiest for the body and effectively. The weekly ration is as follows:

  • Drinking water (except liquids can a broths, cream soups).
  • On the Can.
  • Drinking water.
  • Fruit (excluding bananas).
  • Drink (we drink only water and yogurt).
  • Protein (not more than 300g for 1 meal).
  • Complex (combine, fruit, and protein foods) rich.

So you get the maximum effect from the diet for 7 days and what diet should note you see in the Video:

Diet for 10 days

For 10 days food you should structure as follows:

  • 1-3 day – water and Kefir 1%.
  • 4-6 day – fruit, in particular apples.
  • 7-9 day – proteins in the Form of cooked chicken and eggs.
  • 10 day – dry wine (natural, preferably home-made) and cheese durum wheat (with the lowest fat content).

Diet for 12 days

Almost two weeks due to the split into 4 phases:

  1. The first three are allowed only to be used, Kefir any fat and water that you can drink in any quantity.
  2. The following three days fruit. Water, juices without pulp, and unsweetened tea – without restrictions.
  3. Of 7. to 9. Day may Protein foods in reasonable quantities (a serving is about 300 kcal to be consumed.). The liquids are only non-carbonated water.
  4. In the last few days, the pomegranate, and the recommended Apple cider, grape juice, red wine and slices of cheese.

Diet for 14 days

Menu-diet for 14 days almost doubled week-long variant and has the following Form:

On the first day. Drinking water (any liquid except alcohol).

On the second day. Can steamed (all of the Can or cooked).

On The Third Day. Drinking water: full day number 1 is duplicated. Recommendations are always the same: water in an amount of not less than 2 liters per day, natural juices, broths, and low-calorie dairy products.


For the fourth day. On the fruits.

The cold day. Drinking water. On this day, pamper yourself with plenty of liquid. The food is identical with the first and third day.

On the sixth day. Protein.

On the seventh day. A comprehensive.

The next seven days, the menu for the first week is repeated.

Favorite strict diet

If you want to achieve maximum effect, the heavy variant of the favorite diet, which reads as follows:

Day Number 1 – Drinking Water. To free trying the body of excess food. We drink only water.

Day No. 2 – Can. To eating only one type of vegetable cultures. For example, carrot, cucumber, tomato, or cabbage (various types).

Day Number 3 – Drinking Water. Try to eat in liquid Form: - Kefir 1%, broth, water.

Day Number 4 – Fruity. Menu of the day consists of only one kind of fruit. For example, apples or plums, but not more than 1 kg.

Day number 5 – you from the list of proteins of something a need to Choose. It is boiled chicken breast, cottage cheese, or fish.

Day number 6 – On the water.

Day number 7 – Complex: there are a variety of fruit Can, fish and dairy products.

The correct output

The gradual exit guarantees the anchoring of the desired effect. So the transition must be carried out smoothly, resulting in uncontrolled consumption of food in large quantities. Between meals fruit are allowed. Porridge in the menu is just a Plus. The lost Kilos don't win again, it is the products in the course of the seventh day of the week is recommended, according to the diet. Every day, you have a new ingredients in their menus. You can control the calorie content of the products, the days of catering continues to be not more than 1000 kcal. Once in the week day, for a discharge to allocate. Now you know how to part with excess weight, once and for all without harm to health. But you have to remember that each diet is a Shake for the body that are not treated in a derogatory way. You comply with all the recommendations, and part with the excess pounds in the enjoyment.